Cryptocurrency Content API

CryptoRTP’s JSON API allows you to retrieve and manipulate business login content using HTTP requests.

There are two main goals:

Provide a simple, consistent external interface who retrieving cryptocurrency content.
Create a stable, understandable internal implementation of blockchain news.

Status: OK
Version: 1.1.0
Controller: Core

Requests use a simple REST-style HTTP GET or POST. To invoke the API, include a non-empty query value for json in the URL.

CryptoRTP’s JSON API operates in two modes:

Implicit mode is triggered by setting the JSON query var to a non-empty value on any page. The content that would normally appear on that page is returned in JSON format.

Explicit mode is triggered by setting JSON to a known method string. Request methods for a complete method listing.

Implicit mode examples:;json=1

Explicit mode examples:


The 1.0 release of the CryptoRTP’s JSON API introduces a modular cryptocurrency news controller system. This allows developers and publishers flexibly to add features to their own application and content, and give users more control over which methods they have enabled.